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      Lately virtuous Chang metal product limited company in Shenzhen City establishes in 2007 and belongs to virtuous prosperous science and technology group in Hong Kong.Is underneath to have be located in province Long Hua's street in Guangdong peaceably east road new industry in the pure lake all the way on the 12th of the Jing add factory, and be located in a surge street in Guangdong province industrial park of blunt press factory.
        The Jing adds an existing high definition of factory to slowly walk silk, cnc, spark machine, grinding machine, miller, and lather...etc. other various nicety process and examine equipments more than 100 sets, and own more than 200 persons tall character team.The profession is engaged in nicety to connect plug-in, molding tool spare parts the work pack to clip equipment and hang , Ban gold zero partses, the development and manufacturing of machine and automation equipments.Is blunt to press factory to cover more than 8000 square meters, own a 160 Ts|110 Ts|80 T punching machine, mainly be engaged in to shield a cover, back the production of the light source, port and machine hull and the development and manufacturing of the molding tool.
         The lately virtuous Chang company has been adhering to“Devote one's mind, good at, profession”Of the work principle provide service for customer, strict according to the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, ISO14001:2000 environment management the system carry on systematizing a management, practical implement and perfect social responsibility, is an outstanding business enterprise citizen.

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